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The Red Lion Hotel Cromwell main entrance.

To: Our Faithful Attendees,

This is the final year of our multi-year contract with the Red Lion Inn in Cromwell, CT. The condition of the hotel is far from what we want, and what you deserve. We were promised renovations well in advance of Furpocalypse 2018 and had hoped things would improve more quickly than they have. We care about our attendees and community–which is why we work to bring you this convention–and we want to move forward and give everyone a happy home to return to year after year. Our Board of Directors and staff agree with your sentiment and feelings about the hotel and we are determined in moving to a satisfactory location immediately upon completion of our 2019 contract.

Your concerns and requests have been heard, and we’ve been searching for a new venue since 2018. Finding a hotel for a convention our size is not a quick or easy task. We need a certain amount of convention space for our dealers, events, social areas, and so much more, and we need anyone we meet with to rest assured that when we make a deal and sign a contract with their venue, we keep it and are good to our word; anthropomorphic conventions worldwide must be reputable to brands and show they’re trustworthy and worth accommodating, especially for multi-day events. The new venue must have enough guest rooms, parking, and overflow hotels to fit our current attendance, and also give us room to grow. It all must be affordable for the convention, staff, and attendees alike, and the venue needs to see Furpocalypse is true to their word when making a deal and keeping it. We are in the process of visiting potential venues and negotiating contracts so we can welcome you to Furocalypse’s new home in 2020.

This old hotel has served us well in years past, but it’s time to move on. We invite you to help us bid Cromwell a fond farewell in 2019, and join our new hotel housewarming party in 2020!
Thank you for your patience, understanding, and your continued support of Furpocalypse.

The Furpocalypse Board of Directors