The staff here at Furpocalypse would like everyone to feel at home and enjoy themselves at the convention. However we have a few rules that help ensure a fun time for everyone! Any persons who violate this Code of Conduct and/or become a liability to the convention or its attendees will be removed from the convention by con staff, hotel personnel, or the authorities and/or permanently banned from future events.

If you have any information about individuals in violation of the code of conduct, or have any issues before, during, or after the con, we urge you to report to Con Ops or any con security personnel immediately. For other concerns or issues, we can be reached via email through the Furpocalypse website. Please do not bring issue or complaints to the hotel staff unless it specifically pertains to hotel issues (i.e. billing, room services, etc).

Furpocalypse staff, Security volunteers, and hotel staff are permitted to enforce this code of conduct and the hotel regulations at all times during the convention, including your stay with the hotel. Enforcement by convention and hotel personnel includes, but is not limited to: asking you to stop certain behavior(s), revoking your badge/registration, permanently banning you from convention attendance, and removing you from the convention or hotel. If deemed necessary, local law enforcement will be contacted. All attendees are asked to respect other con-goers, hotel guests, security personnel, con staff, hotel staff, and the convention/hotel property at all times.


All attendees are required to produce one of the following forms of valid (non-expired) government or state-issued ID to complete registration.

  • Passport
  • Drivers License
  • State-Issued Photo ID
  • Military ID

All minors attending Furpocalypse will also require a notarized parental consent form. Minors under 14 may provide a birth certificate or other government issued, identifying document.


All persons entering the convention space must be registered with the convention and clearly displaying their own badge; badges may not be shared or loaned out.  Anyone without a con badge or proof of hotel registration (i.e. room key, receipt) will not be permitted on hotel property.


During the convention, drugs and alcohol are not permitted in any con designated space. The sale or distribution of drugs, distribution of alcohol, or contributing to the delinquency of minors will be reported to the local authorities. Drinking should be limited to private rooms only, and in moderation. Public intoxication, drinking in public, or otherwise acting in an inappropriate manner will result in ejection from the con areas, and/or permanent banishment.


Weapons are not allowed on the hotel property or in any con areas at all times unless being carried by a duly appointed and on duty law enforcement officer. Prop, toy or other types of weapons (i.e. ninja stars, swords, black jacks, batons, etc.) must be inspected by con security and marked before being allowed into con areas. No live steel will be accepted, even with an inspection tag. No exceptions.


While in convention and hotel space (i.e. anywhere not your room) please remember you are representing Furpocalypse and the community. Always act in a respectful manner towards other attendees, con staff, hotel employees, and everyone you meet. Any displays of overt affection, vulgar language, profanity, shouting, horseplay, unsolicited contact, or stalking behavior may result in expulsion from the con space.


Please limit public interactions to a G-rating at all times. Anything more than a hug should be brought to the privacy of your room.


Please be polite and respectful of others while at the convention. Any attendee who shows rude, disrespectful, or offensive behavior to other guests or staff may have their badges confiscated and be removed from the convention.


There will be no nudity or explicit outfits allowed in public areas of the convention or hotel. Fursuits are not permitted in the restaurant or pool areas. Shoes are required in all areas.


Please refrain from congregating in large groups in non-designated areas of the hotel, elevators, or parking lot. Additionally, please be aware that the doorways, lobbies, and exterior entranceways must allow for the free flow of traffic. If these areas become congested you will be expected to move to another location at the request of Furpocalypse staff, security volunteers, or hotel staff.


Please refrain from yelling, screaming, and shouting in any area of the convention and hotel, including your guest room. Portable speakers or noise-making objects are prohibited in hotel and convention spaces. Noise curfews for rooms go into effect at 10pm for floors 3-4, and 12am for floors 1-2 (the late night block). Please respect other guests by limiting noise after these hours.


Personal room parties are not sponsored or endorsed by Furpocalypse. Any room parties must adhere to hotel regulations and the Furpocalypse code of conduct. Noise or music must be contained within your room. No loitering in the hallways or room overcrowding. Doors should remain closed at all times. G-rated flyers advertising parties may only be posted on the con bulletin board; flyers must note that party attendees are limited to the ages of 18+ only. If you are hosting a party, you will be responsible for verifying the age of all participants. Distributing large quantities of alcohol is not permitted.


Hotel rooms must be returned in the condition they were received. Any attendee who damages hotel property, or leaves an unreasonable mess, will be charged for damages by the hotel and banned from future events. The person who registered the room is responsible for all charges brought forth by the hotel.


If we can smell you from the hallway, we'll need to talk. All trash and "smells" should be kept within the confines of your rooms. Please bag all large messes or odorous materials yourself. Do not leave them for hotel staff. Hotel staff and/or con security will intervene if these rules are not being adhered to.


Please don't litter, or leave large amounts of trash in any areas of the hotel or con space. Always clean up after yourself and properly dispose of all trash.


Smoking is permitted in designated areas ONLY. Please properly dispose of all related waste.


Elevator groups are limited to six(6) individuals. Please do not disrupt the operation of the elevators. Always allow suiters, people with mobility problems, other guests, and the elderly priority access to the elevators.


Any signs or flyers may only be displayed on the con bulletin board or temporarily on the doors of rooms where an event is being held. All postings must be rated G. Do not damage or deface hotel property when posting signs or flyers.


Minors (anyone under the age of 18 as of the first day of the convention) attending the con without a parent or guardian are required to have a notarized copy of our Parental Consent form when they register at the convention. If the minor is accompanied at the hotel by a parent or guardian, they do not need to have the form notarized; however, the parent or guardian must accompany them at the time of registration/badge pick-up to verify identification. Persons under the age of 14 need to have a parent or guardian present in the hotel for the duration of the convention. Children 12 and under must be accompanied at all times by their parent or legal guardian. Minors in violation of this policy will be turned over to their legal guardian or local authorities.


Video/audio recordings of Furpocalypse are allowed for public use only. Furpocalypse, Inc. retains all rights to any audio/video recordings of con events. Do not publicly post, or distribute video/audio footage without the express written consent of Furpocalypse, Inc.

Attendees may NOT photograph or record video/audio footage of a subject without their consent.

Photographic images of the convention may only be used by their creators for personal use, or on their owners' websites, web pages, and blogs, as long as the subjects in the images have given prior consent.

All attendees confer the rights to their image and voice, as taken by official Furpocalypse photographers and videographers, to be used for promotional and historical use (such as on the convention's youtube channel) without compensation by Furpocalypse. Attendees voluntarily submitting photos and/or video/audio footage to Furpocalypse give consent to have their works used by the convention for promotional and historical use. Photos or video/audio footage of items in Furpocalypse's Charity Raffle/Auction, or any item for sale in the Dealers Room are strictly prohibited.

Members of the media may not seek out, interview, photograph, or film hotel or convention guests, attendees, or staff for publicly-available recordings or accounts without the expressed written consent of Furpocalypse, Inc. Anyone who violates these terms, or falsely claims to represent Furpocalypse, will have all video/image devices confiscated and will be escorted from the premises.


Neither Furpocalypse nor the hotel shall be responsible for any items lost or damaged in the public areas of the hotel, in the hotel's parking lot, nor in any other parking area used during attendance at Furpocalypse. All attendees will take responsibility for their own possessions. If another attendee damages your possessions, it is your responsibility to seek recompense from them directly. If you are keeping valuable items (especially fursuits and computers) in your sleeping room, it is recommended that you keep your "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside of your door at all times. Furpocalypse, likewise, shall not be held accountable for any damage or theft which occurs to fursuits or other personal possessions left in the Headless Rooms. Furpocalypse shall not be held accountable for any damages caused by attendees. If an attendee damages hotel property, they shall be held personally accountable for their actions and be responsible for repaying any debts incurred.


Neither Furpocalypse nor the hotel shall be responsible for any personal injury which occurs before, during, or after the convention. Despite the convention and hotel's precautions, mishaps sometimes occur. If you are injured and need medical attention, we will do what we can to help you contact medical professionals, but we cannot provide medical care for our attendees.


Any items loaned to Furpocalypse for use during the convention are loaned at the owner's risk. If you are loaning equipment to the convention, please mark it with a printed label or write your contact information on masking tape attached to the item and any accessories so they may be returned to you. Be prepared to have your badge or other identification checked by the event's staff before you are allowed to remove equipment from the room.


Any items found at the convention may be turned in to Con Ops. Furpocalypse will hold any items turned in until they are claimed by their owner. If the item is not reclaimed during the convention, a notice will be posted on the Furpocalypse website (www.furpocalypse.org). Any items remaining unclaimed after a reasonable amount of time will become Furpocalypse property.


Merchandise or services may only be sold at the convention in the Dealers Room, by the guidelines governing those areas. Local regulations state that it is illegal to sell merchandise or services outside of the convention's designated areas.

Furpocalypse is a private event, and reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual for any reason.