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About Furpocalypse

Furpocalypse is an annual Halloween-themed Anthropomorphic convention held in the beautiful city of Stamford, Connecticut that raises money for local animal and social charities. The 4-day event hosts anthropomorphic enthusiasts from all over the world, enjoying a wide variety of classes, discussion groups, and events. Commonly shortened to ‘Furpoc’, the convention has operated since 2014, originally held in Cromwell, CT. 

We invite you to join us, here in New England for some Halloween-themed fun!

How did Furpocalypse become a reality?

Founded in 2014, Furpocalypse started from its precedent event FurFright that evolved from a Halloween get together for a bunch of friends that wanted to celebrate Halloween and be furry animals together. After taking hold and turning into a full blown non-profit organization and celebrating many years in business, the original owners decided to pass the torch over to a group of dedicated staffers and from that Furpocalypse was born! After growing into our own and honing the event into something that is ours, Furpocalypse saw success at the Crowne Plaza (later Radisson, then Red Lion Hotel) in Cromwell, Connecticut. After that venue was closed Furpocalypse set its sights on a bigger and better space at our new home here in Stamford. 

Furpocalypse may not be the biggest event in the furry community out there, but our rag tag bunch of staffers and board members strive to put on an event that is here to not only introduce new members of the furry community to the convention life, but also put on an events for those who love to party and make memories that will last a lifetime. We welcome you to our event and hope that you see the love and energy that each one of our staffers pours into this incredible event to not only make it ours but yours as well.