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Opening Ceremonies

Furpocalypse has to start somehow. And people droning endlessly into microphones on a dazzling, overpriced stage is IT! Meet our Guests of Honor! See us crown our Furpocalypse Guest Host! And so much more! You’ll be glad you came!


Furpocalypse is packed full of programming, so check out our panels! There’s a wide variety of informative, entertaining classes and discussion groups. See our schedule for times and locations.

Interested in running a panel, class, or discussion? Visit our Panel Submission page!

Super Sponsor & Dealer Social

Friday night 5 – 7pm, Catered dinner event for our Dealers, Super Sponsors, and Gold Sponsors.

Super Sponsors, Gold Sponsors, and Dealers must present their social ticket for entry.


Costume Competition

Halloween is about candy & awesome costumes! Show us what you got in the Furpocalypse costume competition!

Sign-up starts in the Ballroom Saturday morning between 10am and Noon. We will accept a maximum of 20 contestants on a first-come-first-serve basis so get there earlier to register. Costumes will be judged during the Masquerade on Saturday night.

Costumes must be acceptable for all ages. Fursuits do not count as costumes, though you can wear a costume over a fursuit. Costumes must show some level of effort. The most creative and well executed costume will win!


What kind of Halloween convention would we be if we didn’t offer trick-or-treating??

Back again by popular demand, Furpocalypse will be hosting its annual hotel wide door to do trick-or-treating! Trick-or-treating will take place on Saturday from 6-9pm. Attendees are requested to politely knock and well… you know the rest! Room owners are required to only distribute commercial, sealed candy.

Upon check-in, each room owner will be given a special door hanger to hang outside of their door during our trick-or-treat event. Please remove the door hanger when you are finished participating in the event.

See the back of your door hanger for a full list of rules and information. A print out of the rules and information will be available at con ops upon request.

(Trick or treating time and date may be subject to change)

Dance Competition

Want to show off your moves center stage? Well here’s your time to shine, shimmer, and/or spontaneously combust! Win prizes and get pointers and helpful tips from a panel of experienced dancers/performers.

Sign-up and preliminary competition are held in the main ballroom Saturday afternoon (see our schedule for exact times). Interested in competing? Head on over to our Dance Competition page for more information.

Furpoc Freestyle

Looking to shake it to something a little more competitive? Take your moves to the floor and throw down in head-to-head battles to show everyone who’s the smoothest under pressure!

Check out the Furpoc Freestyle page for more information.


Furpocalypse dances are the perfect way to…well…dance. While the best DJ’s (in their price-range) showcase their style, you jiggle your fuzzy butt to the music! It’s so easy!


One of the classic staples of the furry convention is, yes! The Fursuit Photoshoot!

If you’ve got a fursuit, costume, ears, or tails, come join us for the photo! If you don’t, just line the halls and watch! Take photos! You do you; we don’t judge.

Fursuit Games

It’s cute, it’s fluffy, and it’s coming right for us! Let the fur fly as teams compete for cheap plastic prizes! Play or come watch! Let the games begin!

Charity Auction & Raffle

Featuring both a silent and voice auction, come bid on art, merchandise, and more. All proceeds from the auction and raffle go to help our charities!

For more information about our charities and auctions/raffle, and ways to donate, contact our Charity Department at [email protected].

Closing Ceremonies

Let’s recap the fun, make one last push to help our charities, and close the crypt for another year! We’ll give you the con highlights, announce our attendance and charity totals, and perform some sort of stupid (yet entertaining) stunt if we reach our charity goal!

The Last Howl Afterparty

After Closing Ceremonies, head to the Zoo for pizza, music, gaming, dancing, crazy contests, and whatever else we can think of to keep the con going! It’s a party where you can hangout, socialize, and keep Furpoc alive until the hotel kicks us out!