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Possessed OPossum

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s… a bird again! Wait! It’s a PASM. And I’m comin’ right atcha with all the rad, retro, and groovy music-fueled art your heart could ask for. 

I create authentic-looking, intricately aged and personality-packed vintage styled art and advertisements. 

To give you some idea; some of my art has been mistakenly archived by history blogs. Whoops! 

My love for vintage knows no bounds. So, come on down and say “hello!”

You can’t miss me– I look like I fell right out of a Sears Catalog.


ZucchiniFuzz (he/they) is an aspiring Olympic torch bearer, probable dog and part-time furry artist. He specializes in making uniquely stylized anthro art and wears almost exclusively parkas.

He’s motivated to improve his style and advance his appreciation of art by exploring as many of its mediums as humanly possible. Be it through game development, animation, or napkin art, ZucchiniFuzz will go to great (and frankly, concerning) lengths to try anything once—as long as he can make a walking, talking dog, he can learn it.