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Open Staff Positions

Furpocalypse is made possible through the efforts of a team of dedicated, hard-working volunteers putting in time and ideas before, during, and after the convention to make sure each year is a year for its attendees to look back on fondly.

If you feel like you could help Furpocalypse do even better year after year, we’re looking for people like you!

Current Openings

Below are the details for open positions we are looking for at this point in time. However, you may apply for any position on our staff – if we need that role filled, your application will be on file with us!

Information coming soon…

The charity department is a fun job but one not to take lightly! As a staffer in our charity department, you’ll help with fundraising efforts by taking in auction items, managing the bucket brigade fursuiters, counting cash donations, working with our sponsored charity and ensuring they are properly set up at their table, and opening and closing the department. Shifts are usually between 4 and 8 hours at a time but we are flexible so you can attend events that may be going on.

We’re looking for friendly and organized folks who care about our mission and community. Whether you have experience in nonprofits or just want to learn and help out, this is a great opportunity to contribute to something meaningful. By volunteering with us, you’ll help build a supportive community and help us meet our fundraising goals!

Job Highlights:

  • Setting up and breaking down the charity room at the start and end of the convention.
  • Working up to four (4) and eight (8) hour shifts.
  • Taking in donations and logging items.
  • Placing bid sheets out with donated items.
  • Checking bid sheets to determine if they are full and items should go to voice auction.
  • Assisting the director with the voice auction.
  • Taking payments for won items via cash or credit card.
  • Recruiting fursuiters and scheduling them for bucket brigade shifts.
  • Counting cash at the start and end of the day and handing it off to a director or chairman.
  • Giving out donation receipts for those who request them.
From our Charity Director, c0mplex: “We try our best here throughout the convention to do our part for the world and our local community. There is a special joy when it comes to working charity for anything, and watching the donation number grow should be a source of pride for all the staffers here. Working here is a nice way to give back to the community you call home while still remaining low-key and calm. I look forward to meeting and working with every one of you that may call this department home.”

Information coming soon…

The Dealers’ Den and Artists’ Alley is the center of creator commerce of our convention. Every person who walks through our doors is to be treated with the same patience and respect that you would want to be treated with. If someone has a question and you don’t know the answer, ask your department director. Some of the work you can be expected to do as a DD/AA staffer is to assist DD/AA members locate their assigned tables, making sure that all purchased services such as power or custom table layouts are set up correctly and that they are not encroaching on other dealers / artists areas.

Besides being a general point of contact while the den is open Furpocalypse usually has a lunch break for our dealers’ den. One of your functions will be making sure dealers receive their lunch vouchers before the den closes and closing the den at an appropriate time while making sure attendees are clear of the space. This work can be handled by both DD/AA staff and security volunteers.

The Con Store sells merchandise for the convention such as t-shirts, hoodies and annual themed merch, in addition to being our artist ally checkout. Working the con store and artist alley checkout you should expect to be working six hours at a time. Your department director will always try to schedule you around events you’re interested in, but it’s not always possible. In your role as staff, you will be assisting attendees with purchasing merchandise as well as processing transactions for artists in the Artist Alley.

Job Highlights:

  • Setting up and breaking down the con store and Artist Alley daily.
  • Working a minimum six (6) hour shift per day.
  • Handling cash and credit card transactions.
  • Processing transactions and distributing purchased items to attendees.
  • Reading floor plans and diagrams to assist DD/AA members to their table.
  • Acting as a general point of contact for all DD/AA members.
  • Distributing lunch vouchers and closing the den at its respective times.

A note from our DD/AA Director, Mike Wolf:

“As the Artist Alley/Dealers Den Director, it’s my pleasure to bring together such a vibrant tapestry of creativity and passion. Each year, I look forward to this event with great anticipation, not just for the incredible artistry on display, but for the chance to meet and support the talented individuals who make our community so unique. We seek individuals who share our dedication to service and community spirit. We’re looking forward to hearing from and working with you!”

What would a furry con be without fursuiters??? The fursuiting department is looking for high energy folks with a passion to assist your fellow furs in need while they romp and roam around the con space all weekend. Shifts are broken up throughout the day but we ask that you work towards a 4 to 8 cumulative hour day to meet your required staffing requirements.

You’ll be working alongside multiple departments including Programing, Hospitality, ConOps, Logistics and Security to make sure that everything is in its place and ready to run. Some of the duties include assisting with dance comp, fursuit photos, fursuit games and setting up and breaking down both permanent and temporary headless lounge locations. Some duties are listed below but may not all be assigned to you as a staffer.

Job Highlights:

  • Setup and teardown for headless lounges both permanent and temporary.
  • Ensuring that all suiters and persons follow the rules in the headless lounge.
  • Event support with fans and water stations

  • 30 min check-ins for the headless lounge to:
  • Check on water levels and getting them refilled through hospitality.
  • Tidying / Cleaning up headless areas as needed.
  • Informing ConOps if trash needs to be removed.
  • Calling security if suiters require medical attention from exhaustion or heat stroke.
  • Assisting with the Fursuit Parade route and group photo while setting up and performing:
  • Temporary staging and cooling areas
  • Suiter counting
  • Assisting in organizing and staging for the fursuit photo.
  • Post photo lounge monitoring for water needs.

  • Helping with Fursuit Games:
  • Pre-game sign-ups.
  • Refereeing games.
  • Setup, teardown and repacking games equipment.
  • Help with distributing medals/awards.

Information coming soon…

Information coming soon…

Information coming soon…

Information coming soon…

The registration department is the front most facing department of the convention that every attendee will interact with, so polite and professional attitudes are a must. Being a part of the registration team you should be as welcoming and helpful to our guests as we can be.

Use common sense when situations arise that directors should be informed of and brought in to handle. Examples include, not having a proper form of ID, having expired ID, having an incomplete minor consent form, unable to locate a pre-registration info, and any situation where you may feel liable for letting someone attend the convention who may be banned or disinvited. Important things to remember are to be calm, cool, centered, non confrontational. Just ask for help from a fellow staffer or director and we will be there to assist you.

Working in reg you should be able and willing to be at registration for up to 6 hours at a time or longer.  Department directors will always try to work around events that you wish to attend once the convention schedule is updated and published, but as reg staff we ask you to be flexible.

Expectations of guest privacy and handling PII (Personal Identifying Information) are an important aspect of your position. In your role working registration terminals and taking care of our guests, you will have access to personal information.  You will not use such information for your own personal reasons.  Furpocalypse has had and has continued to keep our guests’ privacy a top priority no matter who they are.  No recording, taking pictures, or documenting attendee info is allowed under any circumstances.  If you’re found capturing personal information on personal devices you’ll be asked to delete said information and asked to leave the convention.  

Job Highlights:

  • Being the first front facing staff member most attendees will meet.
  • Working a minimum six (6) hour shift per day.
  • Handling cash and credit card payments.
  • Maintaining control of your cash drawer at the beginning and end of your shift.
  • Working with attendee PII and treating it with care.
  • Distributing merchandise and pre-packing bags for sponsor levels.
  • Ability to multitask and use a Windows-based computer.

A note from our Registration Director, Dragoon:

“As Director of Registration I personally take this role very seriously and I will not tolerate breaches in privacy in any way. But overall, have fun!  Once you get to know all of us at registration you’ll see we always have a fun time together.  We’re professional, but we always have a good time at our jobs.  Never take anything personal that an attendee may do in the moment when we’re busy.”

Information coming soon…

Con security. The eyes, ears and paws on the ground at any convention! The Furpocalypse security department is looking for level headed and flexible individuals to fill some open positions we have on our security detail. Shifts average between four (4) and eight (8) hours cumulatively per day. Those with backgrounds in public safety and military are strongly encouraged to apply. Individuals holding a Connecticut guard card are also encouraged to apply! Even if you don’t hold any prior experience in those fields, no worries! As long as you can keep a cool head in a stressful environment we feel you’ll thrive working in our department. Furpocalypse also does encourage EMT’s/Paramedics to apply though we do only work at a basic first aid level of care with all attendee care falling under Connecticut’s “Good Samaritan” law.

Job Highlights:

  • Setup and teardown of the security department and various checkpoints.
  • Signing our radios to staff members.
  • Taking reports of lost and found items and logging them into our system.
  • Patrolling both internal and external spaces of the hotel by foot or vehicle.
  • Performing badge checks at events.
  • Performing ID checks at 18+ events.
  • Responding to emergency situations throughout the venue.
  • Acting as line control during large scale events such as the fursuit parade and group photo.
  • Working with our H.I.R.T. (Harassment & Incident Response Team) to take reports of harassment or other serious complaints 

Individuals with dispatch experience are also encouraged to apply as Furpocalypse does have an internal dispatch center that handles all internal and cross department communications during the event. Only individuals with dispatch experience will be selected for dispatcher duties as this is considered a senior level position. 

A note from our Security Director: “If you feel that wearing a uniform and carrying a radio are a “power trip” for you, you may want to look into helping out in other areas. Furpocalypse takes its security department very seriously and individuals will be vetted thoroughly during the interview process with general scenarios and role play situations. If you feel that anything in your background or experiences within the community may make you biased when handling a situation, please inform us of that during your interview. Otherwise, we strive to be the “Gold Standard” of convention security. Level heads and communication can diffuse almost any situation you may find yourself in. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your application!”

Information coming soon…

Information coming soon…

Benefits & Requirements of Staffing

All Furpocalypse staff members get the following benefits as our way of saying thank you for dedicating your time to making this convention happen. All staff are required to work a scheduled minimum of 24 hours throughout the weekend to qualify for staffing benefits. Such benefits include:

  • Free attendee-level registration for the whole weekend
  • Discounts on higher registration levels
  • Free shared staff-only hotel rooms for the whole weekend
  • Early access to the staff hotel booking portal to book your own private room at the con buyout rate
  • Super Sponsor swag (not including the super sponsor meal voucher)
  • Access to our staff lounge all weekend with snacks, drinks and COFFEE
  • At least one hot meal a day catered by the convention located in the Con Suite