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Volunteer at Furpocalypse!

Like all conventions, Furpocalypse relies on the kindness and generosity of our attendees. Volunteers make events like ours possible, and allows all of you to have a great time! Volunteering is fun, and comes with some great perks too!

Are you interested in volunteering for Furpocalypse? Sign up right here on our site or at the convention! We encourage you to sign up in advance so we can place you in a department before the con. Feel free to apply anytime using the links below!

Volunteer Rewards

For all your hard work, we give you great perks and swag! Every time you volunteer, have the department’s Director sign off on the hours that you’ve worked. Department set-up and break-down counts for double hours!

Volunteering at least 4 weighted hours:

  • Special Volunteer Lanyard / Patch / or Badge.

Volunteering at least 8 weighted hours:

  • All items from the category above.
  • Event T-Shirt for the current year.

Volunteering at least 12 weighted hours:

  • All items from the category above.
  • $20 voucher to the hotel’s restaurant.

Volunteering at least 24 weighted hours:

  • All items from the category above.
  • Super Sponsor Swag!
  • A refund of your current year’s registration and the opportunity to apply for staff for the next year.

General Volunteers

Help out in your preferred department, or in multiple departments! Our staff need your help, and appreciate you contributing to Furpocalypse and our community!

Security Volunteers

Think you have what it takes to be a part of the Furpocalypse security staff? Then you’re probably the right amount of crazy we need! Security volunteers receive the same perks as standard volunteers plus a sweet walkie-talkie during the con!