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Furpocalypse is a Halloween-themed Anthropomorphic convention in Stamford, Connecticut that raises money for local animal and social charities. The 4-day event hosts anthropomorphic enthusiasts from all over the world, enjoying a wide variety of classes, discussion groups, and events.

As of August 2023, Furpocalypse is following the recommended CDC guidelines based on the updates to the COVID-19 Community Levels. At this time we recommend all those who fall under a protected category to wear a mask in public or crowded spaces and receive their baseline COVID-19 vaccination and any subsequent boosters. Please also reference the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health press release updating the recommendations regarding the status of the COVID-19 pandemic here in Connecticut. If you are sick or feel unwell, we ask that you stay home and forgo the event until you consult with your medical provider.

Bradley International Airport (BDL), Tweed New Haven (HVN), LaGuardia (LGA), Westchester County (HPN) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Please refer to our Hotel section for more travel information.

The hotel does offer suites at con rates, however these are limited and will be only available through a VIP membership or through our suite lottery. Applying to the lottery does not guarantee your ability to secure a suite in the main hotel.

If the hotel is close to running out of space, information on overflow locations will be posted to the Hotels page on our website.

Contact Armon Hotel & Conference directly at (203) 359-1300 for any modifications to your reservation.

Yes! All room parties must adhere to the Furpocalypse code of conduct, and hotel regulations. Please be respectful of your room neighbors and other attendees around you. Noise complaints will be handled by convention security or hotel management. Repeated noise complaints or other issues may result in forfeiture of con registration and loss of hotel room at convention or the on-duty hotel managers discretion.

Please specify that you would like to be in the special section of our hotel when booking your reservation, such as an ADA-accessible room or room on one of our quiet floors. Remember these are available on a first-come first-served basis so please book early to ensure your spot. Contact the hotel with any special requirements you may need upon checking in.

Please refer to our Dealer page, or contact our Dealers Department with any questions.

Registration through our website is encouraged to ensure quick admission. Weekend passes and day passes will be available at the door. Please refer to our Attendee Registration page for more info.

Furpocalypse offers single-day admissions at the door only. If you are unsure about what days you may be able to attend, we suggest registering for the four-day pass to ensure admission.

You can upgrade your membership at any time. Unfortunately, we are unable to downgrade registrations at this time.

Of course! All minors must present a signed, notarized, and stamped copy of the Furpocalypse Parental Consent form at the registration desk. Minors ages 14-17 are required to bring a notarized copy of our parental consent form with them when registering for the con. It can also be mailed if you pre-registered, before the pre-reg deadline. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (who is registered for the convention) at all times. If the minor’s parent or legal guardian is present at the registration desk, a non-notarized copy of the Parental Consent form may be used. However, the parent or legal guardian must present a valid copy of their legal identification.

Click here to view and print our Parental Consent Release Form.

Yes. However, on your birthday, you may report to registration to be issued a non-minor badge.

All attendees need to show a valid (i.e. unexpired) government or state issued ID Such as:

  • State driver’s license
  • State-issued ID (an ID offered to those who do not have a driver’s license)
  • Government or military ID
  • Passport

If you have another form of ID or are travelling from abroad, please contact our Registration Department with any questions. Do not wait until the con to find out, we will be unable to admit you to the convention if these requirements are not met.

Furpocalypse will not allow anyone without a valid ID as listed above to attend the convention.

Attendees can receive a full refund of their registration fees should a cancellation be received by September 10th. All other refund requests handled after that date will be reviewed on a case by case basis and issued as a credit to the following year’s event. Any merchandise included in your corresponding registration level for the current year will not be carried over to the following year. (we will not hold onto current year merchandise to be carried over to the next year)

If you are interested in conducting a panel, please see the Panels page.

Weapons are not allowed on the hotel property or in any con areas at all times unless being carried by a duly appointed and on duty law enforcement agent or contracted security officer. Prop, toy or other types of weapons must be inspected by con security and peace bonded before being allowed into con areas. No live steel will be accepted, even with an inspection tag. No exceptions.

You may take pictures or video for private use. Pictures or videos of items for sale in the Dealers Room are not allowed. Please obtain consent from all parties before recording or photographing them. Any videos or pictures used for public display online, or on TV may only be done so with the express consent of Furpocalypse, Inc. For more information please email [email protected]. Violation of this rule may result in ejection from the event without refund.

Please kindly let the photographer/videographer know you do not want your picture taken. However registration with the convention and attendance implies consent to being filmed/photographed. Your image may appear in general con photos or videos and are only used for the Furpocalypse promotional material or website.

No. Unauthorized public broadcast of Furpocalypse is a violation of our policies.

If you would like to sign up before the con, please see the Volunteer page. If you have free time at the con you can visit ConOps for information.

For all your hard work, we give you great perks and swag! See our Volunteer page for more information.

Volunteer! The more you volunteer the better we get to know you and can see if we want to make you a member of our staff. We generally don’t hire anyone without a history with us.

If you are attending the convention, please drop the items off in the room designated for the Charity Raffle and Auction. If you are not attending, and still have interest in donating items please contact our Charity Department via email.

Common donations are:

  • Comic books
  • Artwork
  • Plushies
  • Commissions (art or fursuit)
  • Ears/tails, paw slippers
  • Role playing or collectable card game items
  • T-shirts
  • Convention or event admission
  • Gift cards or baskets
  • Computer or video games, DVDs, CDs (music or art) etc.

Any questions about possible donation items can be sent to our Charity Department.

Artists and plushie/suit makers may donate commissions that are of adult nature. However, all display material should be G-PG rated to be entered into the auction or raffle.

Items specifically donated for the 18+ raffle should be clearly marked and presented to the charity director for approval.

All donated items are assessed by the Charity Department and placed into the auction or raffle at their discretion. Commissioned art is often used for the auction while premade donated items will primarily be used as raffle prizes. Final decisions are made by the charity director.

Please fill out the Masquerade Registration Form as soon as possible. We will accept acts as late as rehearsal Saturday of the convention, but this does not ensure your spot! Please refer to the Masquerade page for more info.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, or Cash. No personal or traveler’s checks will be accepted.

At this time, unfortunately we do not accept American Express or Discover.

We apologize for any inconvenience.