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Furpocalypse 2024: Astrophobia

Hello Anthro Space Explorers!

October is only six months away and the FP team has been working hard behind the scenes to bring you the biggest and spaciest Furpocalypse yet! This year we’re excited to partner with our new hotel the Hilton Stamford Hotel & Executive Meeting Center in Stamford, CT! This year we’re going to be bringing you a FULL FOUR DAYS of furry fun and entertainment. That’s right, your favorite Halloween con is going FULL BORE starting Thursday the 31st of October. We’re excited to bring you a hotel with such things like… A restaurant! Water! Less falling glass! And MUCH MUCH MORE! All the things hotels are supposed to have!

We also have worked out an agreement with the venue to buy out the entire hotel space Thursday through Monday so once again we can bring you an all-furry attendee event. Booking details will be soon to follow, but con rooming rates will be honored up to three days prior to the event for those who are looking to arrive early.

This does not come without its caveats though. We are asking as many of you who are able to book a full four day stay as possible to do so. This will TREMENDOUSLY help out the convention in its coming years when it comes to providing you with the best experience possible. We do know that it’s not in the cards for everyone, but we hope that as many of you who can book a full four day stay do so.

We also have news that this year the hotel will be offering a free shuttle to and from the Stamford train station and downtown Stamford proper. Details on how to utilize this shuttle will be announced in the coming weeks. In addition we have worked out a deal with the hotel to offer all attendees parking in the underground garage for $10 a day from the regular rate of $25 a day. The parking situation has greatly improved from our 2023 venue as we no longer have any burnt out vehicle carcasses in the garage and much much more available parking to you all. It took our team about… 45 minutes to walk the entire garage top to bottom if that’s any indication with the amount of parking we’re going to be able to offer.

Staffing and volunteering will be critical this year as we are moving into a bigger space and are looking to fill positions throughout the event. Details on open staff positions and volunteering perks will be announced soon, so please keep an eye out for news on social media and on our website.

The Furpocalypse Staff and Board of Directors are looking forward to welcoming you into this new space and you’ll be hearing from us again soon!


Mr. DeWolfe and the Furpocalypse Board of Directors