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Hotel Booking Updates!

Hotel Booking Updates!

Hello fuzzy friends! We all know how excited you are to start booking rooms and start your adventure into the wilderness… So, we wanted to send you all some updates. This week we are going to start the process of booking our Dealers and Staff so where it may LOOK like the hotel is accepting reservations… it’s not quite ready yet.

General attendee booking is going to start on August 18th at 1pm Eastern. Be on the lookout for the promo group code here, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and our Telegram Channel. The hotel has told us since we have booked out the entire venue for the entire weekend they will be canceling any reservations that do not have a promo group code attached to it. As this hotel is larger than our previous venue we do not expect an instant sellout, but you all continue to surprise us year after year~ You will be able to book your room directly with the hotel so playing phone tag to finalize payment information is a thing of the past.

We can’t stress enough the importance of waiting for the promo group code for general attendees to be released otherwise you will have your reservation canceled.

Dealers: Be on the lookout for an email from our Dealers Director with your unique booking code. Please do not give this code out as we will be checking dealers hotel reservation applications against your Dealers Den application to confirm the legitimacy of your reservation.

VIP Membership holders: Please be on the lookout for a special email in the next week or so on how to go about checking into your rooms when you arrive on site.

One last update for you all, the parent company of the Armon has bought out the entire building so there will be no more “Holiday Inn side” or “Armon side”. You will be checking in at the Armon front desk only. We have voiced your concerns from last year regarding the… less than stellar check in process some of you experienced and we are working with the front desk to correct this. It was as hard on us as it was for you, trust us.

At the bottom of this post is an example of where you will be adding your booking promo code to the Armon website. A direct link to their booking page can be found at

We’ve had a lot of great changes this year with Furpoc and appreciate the understanding you all have in working with us. Every staff member pours their heart and soul into this event and we want to make sure that it shows through this year~

Warmest Regards,
Mr. DeWolfe