Guests of Honor

The party don't start until they walk in!


Uh-oh!! You've officially encountered the strange furry trans monster known as Cyamallo ( or scotch, if you're into first names. ) He specializes in vivacious poses, over-the-top hairstyles, and smug faces that'd make even Casanova blush. When he's not gawking at neon lights and using the word "dude" excessively, he can be found thrashing to-and-fro between cartoons and things of the wicked painterly world. Approach with caution. Awesome levels may vary.


Watsup, it's that DeadlyComics guy! I make animations and put 'em online, like COOL TIMES, MILK DUST, and that one Fell in Love with a Girl animation with the dancing cat. I'm also an animator on Hazbin Hotel, Ollie & Scoops and Too Loud. Come on down and we can shoot the breeze!